Web Hosting Plans : Why Host with NightSky


Web Services
Configurable Plans Right from the beginning you can create a plan to fit your needs. And as those needs change, so to can your plan. If you need more bandwidth or disk space at any time, with a click of the mouse you can upgrade it. In addition, you can see in real time what you are using right now.
Unlimited Domains All plans allow for unlimited domains. Simply add any domain you want in theAccount Manager. Each domain is setup by default in its own separate folder, allowing you to have separate content for each domain.
Unlimited Sub-Domains All plans allow for unlimited sub-domains. Each subdomain by default is setup in a separate folder, so you can have unique content in each subdomain. An easy web interface is included for adding subdomains in the Account Manager.
Fast Network Our multi-homed network makes sure you stay online! We have over 2155Mbits/sec total combined throughput to our network, enabling you to maintain a high-visibility presence on the web.
Guaranteed Uptime We guarantee an uptime of 99.4% per month. If ever your sites are down longer, you will receive an extra month tacked on to your current plan at no charge.
Instant SSL Certificates Our Account Manager allows you to buy secure certificates from an easy-to-use interface. When the certificate is issued, we will install it directly into the interface for you- making it easier to enable SSL on your websites.
Latest Software All our servers are running the latest stable versions of all software. We constantly update our server software as soon as patches are released, to avoid any disruption in your service or security threat.
100% Ours Unlike most other hosting companies, we own 100% of our own servers. We are not a reseller of someone else's servers. We don't have a 3rd party to pass the buck to when solving your problems. This also means if you have a special configuration you need, we can bend over backwards for you.
Web Stats Each plan comes with a web stats program included. Every night it will update with the latest logs and tell you who has come to your site, how often and what they did.
Email Services
Email Administration We have devised a simple way for you to manage all your email accounts via a web interface. Everything from account passwords to setting up mailing lists can be done with this web administration interface.
Webmail You can check your email anywhere in the world with our webmail interface.
Anti-Spam Get rid of those annoying advertisements in your Inbox! Our Anti-Spam system will reduce your incoming spam by 99% Guaranteed! It filters out the spam by asking senders it doesn't recognize to confirm their email. Since spammers don't send the email from valid accounts, they never see the confirmation request and you never see the offending email! This system can be configured individually on each email account.
POP3 Post Office Protocol version 3 support for checking email accounts on our servers. Most every POP3 client is supported. We will help you configure your favorite client for our servers.
IMAP IMAP lets you synchronize email folders between computers - like for home and work computers. This way you can stay on top of your email easier. We can help you configure your favorite IMAP client.
Alternate Outgoing Email Port For those of you who are unfortunate enough to have your outgoing email ports blocked by your ISP, we provide an alternate outgoing (SMTP) email port so you can still send outgoing mail through our servers without using your ISPs servers. This way you can still use your domain to send email, and wont break any SPF protection.
SPF Protection We publish Sender Permitted From (SPF) records for all domains we host - which helps prevent your domain from being hijacked and used for spamming others.
PHP We stay on top of the latest PHP scripting releases - constantly upgrading so you get the most advanced features.
CGI If your plan is setup for CGI scripting, then we will setup a custom CGI directory for each domain you host with us. You can upload you own scripts, as long as you maintain them, keeping them upgraded to the latest stable version.
Perl Perl is the most common scripting language for CGI Scripts, and we support it. If you need a module that isn't already on our servers, we'll install it for you, free of charge.
Python Included on all webserver is the latest python scripting languages.
Crontabs Execute custom scripts at set times - Nightly, weekly, monthly or whenever, with our convenient web interface.
Database Support
MySQL & PostgreSQL The latest versions, the most secure, and optimized for high volume.
Web Based Database Administration We provide a secure web page administration to both MySQL and PostgreSQL, so you can add, configure and remove data as you wish.
Support Options
Comprehensive FAQ Our Frequently Asked Questions pages contain tons of answers to all your questions. Visit our FAQ at any time.
Message Boards Our message boards are there for the unusual questions that you have. Post there and we will reply within hours.
Personal Support

Your sales rep will be with you for all your questions, even after the sale. Personalized support is what you deserve - someone who knows your situation and can help you swiftly. Stop explaining your situation to every support person and switch to NightSky.

24/7 We monitor our servers 24/7 both on site and remotely. Our technicians are notified by pager the instant a service goes down.
UPS Power Backup All servers are protected by UPS power backup and diesel generators, should the power go out. We have enough fuel on standby for 36 hours, and contracts to get more as needed in an emergency.
Multi-homed bandwidth We have multiple Gig-E and OC-3 connections to different network providers. This ensures a 99.99% network uptime, with plenty of room for high-bandwidth applications.
Network Status See how our servers are preforming in real time! Connect with our off-site server to make sure things are running smoothly.