Small Business Plans : Plan Features


Web Features
Unlimited Domains Host as many domains as you wish. There is never any limit or any fee to add a domain or subdomain to your plan. This is standard on all plans!
One-Click Install We offer a one-click install of over 30 popular web-based applications. All you have to do is choose where to install the software, and it will setup the software, initialize the databases and ensure that it is running on our servers. You dont have to read any complicated documentation to get your favorite software to run
Scripting Languages Whatever your language is, we can support it! From the latest versions of PHP, Perl, or Python- its all available for your use! In addition, every domain has its own dedicated CGI directory, meaning your scripts are dedicated just for your use!
Databases Our plans include access to a MySQL or PostgresSQL server. You can create or upload databases to use with your webserver and PHP5. From web based forms to complicated scripts, its no problem. And they both have secure web-based administration sites, so you can check or edit your data independently of your scripts.
Website Stats You need to know what your visitors are looking at. We provide free website stats software that updates nightly. They way you can see where your visitors are going, what they are doing, and where they are coming from. Updated nightly, the program examines your logs and gives you daily, hourly and monthly info with details and specifics are included.
Private FTP A private FTP server is included with your account. From the FTP server you can access your website with full access privileges. You can also upload documents and programs as an offsite storage outside the webroot of your websites.
Crontab Editor Schedule scripts to happen automatically using our Crontab editor. This secure web-based administration makes it easy to run scripts at set intervals. Simply upload the script or run a standard linux program at any time you wish.
Backups All data across out servers, the e-mail, the web server, and the FTP space is always backed up. First, all of our servers run RAID-1, which means each hard drive is mirrored. So even if a hard drive fails, the server is still running and your website is up. In addition, we backup all customer data to a separate faculty nightly, ensuring that your data is never lost.
Custom Support We have tons of support options. From support forums, to configuration guides, to a dedicated support representative. You are not alone with NightSky!
Email Features
E-mail Administration E-mail administration has never been easier that with us! All of your e-mail settings, accounts, aliases and mailing lists can be easily controlled from one web-based administration menu. Simply add an account or adjust a setting and its done and online, ready to be used.
POP3 & IMAP E-mail Addresses With all of our hosting packages we provide POP3 / IMAP e-mail access. This means you can access your mail from any popular e-mail client (Outlook, Eudora).
Mailing Lists We can also set up mailing lists for your domain. A mailing list an interactive discussion by participants via e-mail It is not spam nor is it intended for that. You can set up a moderated mailing list so that your customers can all get important updates to your product line. Or set up an unmoderated mailing list for your family. Any way you want to do it, you can.
Webmail Web-based e-mail is simply the easiest way to connect from anywhere to read your e-mail All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection. Simply type and you can read, write and control your e-mail account. No hassles, no worries. And its standard on all web hosting packages. You can even configure the look of the webmail pages.
Secure Connections Connect to your email account without giving away your passwords! We provide multiple options to enable you to connect securely to your email accounts. Whether its via our secure webmail interface (even with a anti-keylogger tool!), or our secure POP or secure SMTP, your privacy is protected with industry-standard encryption.