About NightSky : Privacy Policy


Basic Policy
We will not sell or distribute your personal information to any third party at any time without your knowledge. NightSky will not make any personal information available at any time to any agency, with the exception of to law enforcement agencies as is legally requested.
Just Browsing
For those of you who are just browsing our website, we only maintain records of the date, time and locations on our website you visited. These are maintained in aggregate logs and help us to determine where users go when accessing our websites. This is for internal use only.
Service Signup
When you decide to signup for our service, we will need several bits of information to complete the signup process. This includes your name, billing address, alternate email address, phone number where you can be reached, and credit card information. All this information is blocked by several procedural, physical and software safeguards. We will never rent, share or sell any of this information to any third party. In addition, credit card information is kept in separate databases from user information, so several different areas need to be accessed to tie user information (billing address) and credit card information together.
Account Manager
When accessing our Domain Account Manager, you will need to provide your distinguishing information, in the form of a username and password. This will allow us to identify you and access information relevant to your account. Any information you change in the Domain Account Manager is stored, and secured by the same procedures described in the 'Service Signup' section.