NightSky Hosting Helping the Environment


We realize that our business takes a lot of resources. With our servers running 24/7/365, and all the related equipment needed to keep our servers on, cool and available, we use a lot of electricity. Most of that electricity is generated by generators hundreds of miles away. Coupled with that of course are our own local generators that we test out every week and the oil and gas... It all adds up to a lot of energy to keep your websites online.

Therefore, we have decided to become a carbon-neutral company. NightSky Hosting has teamed up with American Forests help offset the amount of carbon dioxide that our business emits. American Forests is one of the leading non-profit organizations that helps to preserve forests around the world. They are one of the oldest conservation organizations, being founded in 1875 and is a non-partisan, non-confrontational conservation organization helping to preserve and restore the environment for generations to come.

Our Pledge
NightSky Hosting has pledged to help by donating a dollar amount each year, for each customer, depending on their plan as listed below.

donation amount
Server 25 $2
Server 50 $2
Server 100 $2
Server 500 $4
Server 1k $4
Server 2k $4
Reseller 25 $3
Reseller 50 $3
Reseller 100 $3
Dedicated 1800 $7
Dedicated 2400 $7
Dedicated 2800 $7
Pre-Built Dedicated $5

So for each Server 2k plan, we will donate $4 to American Forests. With that $4, American Forests will plant 4 trees - helping to offset the amount of carbon dioxide used. Our analysis shows that 4 trees are more than enough to offset all the carbon dioxide created in the maintenance of that account.

We will continue to make this contribution to American Forests each year for each account. So in addition to the great service, fast servers, and large network we hope that you will find this as one more reason to signup with NightSky today. However, even if you are not a customer of ours, we encourage you to go to the website of American Forests and see what you can do personally.